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SugarDaddie Review

SugarDaddie Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 900 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has helped many people have affairs.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Free for woman.
  • There is no maching algorithm. Need to search yourself.

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SugarDaddie is a niche dating site that has been operating for almost two decades now. The site was established back in 2002, and it has grown for bigger and better since then. Today, the site has more than 5 million users from different countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

It is a niche dating site that has been designed primarily for Sugar Daddies. Sugar daddy is a term that means an older and wealthy person who wants to become a benefactor to a younger lady. In return for her romantic encounter with a sugar daddy, the girl will get all sorts of financial help. The girl is thus called a sugar baby. Most of the sugar babies are young.

This particular site serves as a meeting platform for sugar daddies and sugar babies.

SugarDaddie Review

What is SugarDaddie

The original idea behind the site named SugarDaddie is to fulfill the needs of wealthy older people and younger girls. Both of them have different needs; many older rich people are looking for sexual relations and ready to pay for it. On the other hand, thousands of young, beautiful girls need financial support and are prepared for romantic and possibly sexual relations with older men. Keeping in mind this need, the site was created.

The idea is to create a good quality online dating platform sugar daddies and sugar babies. This site has taken care of a particular group of people looking for a specific type of date. Hence, the idea of this dating site is pretty different from general dating sites in the market.

How does it Work

The modus operandi of SugarDaddie is pretty simple. Just like any other dating site, one has to register and create a profile on the site. The person can then access the site and look for potential dates. The unique thing about this site, however, is that this is a niche dating site. This site is created to be operated and used by rich sugar daddies and young, beautiful sugar babies who are looking for each other. The site has free and paid services that sugar babies and sugar daddies can use to meet and chat with each other. The primary concept of operation of the site is to create a safe and secure place for sugar babies and sugar daddies to meet and get and interact with each other.

How does it Work


The registration and sign-up process of SugarDaddie are pretty simple, quick, and essential. While creating a new profile, the site asks for necessary information about the person who is creating the profile. It takes only a few minutes to set up the profile and start operating.

The user has to visit the registration page of the site and provide a valid email address and choose a password. After it, the site will ask for a username. After that, the user has to provide necessary information like location, nationality, hobbies, age, body trait, etc. The site will also ask to upload some photographs. A person can upload 10 to 12 pictures. The user will also be asked to choose his role. The user can either choose to be “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby.” According to the character, the site will show profiles.

Design and Usability

The website of SugarDaddie is pretty simple and user friendly. As soon as a person registers on the site the user will be shown a list of potential members and profiles. The navigation of the site is also simple and user friendly. All the functions and tools of the website are easily visible on the site. This welcoming and straightforward design lets a person get comfortable around the site very quickly and with ease.

The layout and the color scheme of the site are pleasant and soothing to the eyes. It helps the user to operate the site even for hours without straining the eyes. However, since the site was mainly designed almost two decades ago, many users have reviewed that website has a pretty outdated design, and the layout is a bit bland. And the only drawback of the model is its disproportional profiles.

Design and Usability

Profile Quality

Frankly speaking, SugarDaddie has a very high quality of profiles on the site. They are excellent. But that does not mean they do anything extra. They just maintain a certain standard, and hence despite having necessary profile information, the site has maintained the quality for years now. The profiles on the site have enough information to let you know if a person is real or fake, and if he/she is the one you have been looking for.

Moreover, every member on the site can see all the profiles on the site. And the information the profiles have are in most cases, accurate and correct. Accounts with inaccurate and false information are banned immediately. The members also have the feature to update their profile information at any given moment. Hence they can keep adding new information about them. A person on the site can upload as many as 12 photos. However, this is possible only after the moderators have reviewed the primary photo on the profile.

The Mobile Application

As of now, SugarDaddie does not have any mobile application. However, this seems to have created not much of a hindrance for the users. It is because the desktop site is very convenient for use. The site offers the users a smooth using and viewing experience not only on a desktop of PC but also on the phone. The mobile version of the site is very user-friendly and can adapt to different screen types quickly. The design layout is also very minimal and convenient and can be easily visible in small mobile screens.

The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

SugarDaddie pays utmost importance to their safety measures. As mentioned, the profiles are very detailed and maintain high standards. The site has a very active anti-scam system that checks and makes sure that all the profiles are complete and have legit details. Moreover, another very unique thing about the site’s safety is that if a user complains about any particular account, the site takes immediate action. If the account is found to have wrong information, it is discontinued immediately.

The site asks profiles to answer specific questions and provide information. If one does not respond to even a few of them, their profile will always be at risk of being removed. It is how the site maintains its quality of safety and security.


Registering and creating a profile on the site is entirely free. However, the free version does not have all the features of the site. For example, to talk and chat with all the members on the site, one needs to purchase a paid plan. The paid membership of the site includes all the features such as the SugarDaddie forum and instant messenger. There are different types of paid programs on the site. These are:

  • One month membership for $39.99.
  • You can buy three months of membership for $79.99. The monthly cost is $26.66.
  • You can buy six months of membership for $134.99.
  • The monthly cost is $22.49.
  • You can buy a year membership for $169.99. The monthly cost is $14.16.

Help & Support

As already mentioned, SugarDaddie pays special attention to safety and customer support. It does everything possible to provide the users with a safe and quality, smooth experience. The site has its customer service office in Kent in the United Kingdom and Florida, United States. The customer service is very responsive and quick. If a user experiences any problem issues or requires assistance or needs any general help, they can call or mail them, and the site will respond as soon as possible. The customer supporters are also very knowledgeable and polite, as mentioned by some of the users.


Some questions revolve around the minds of users. This SugarDaddie review has tried to cover most of the common questions.

Is SugarDaddie Safe?

Yes, the site pays particular attention to safety and security. It keeps track of all the profiles that have to provide high-quality customer care service. As a result, the site has been able to provide a safe and secure service to millions of people for almost decades.

Is SugarDaddie a Real Dating Site

The answer is yes. It is an entirely legitimate site and has millions of users from countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. It is a real dating site that has been operating for almost 20 years now. Hence, it is a real site and reliable.

How to Use SugarDaddie?

Operating the site is very easy and straightforward. It is like any other dating site out there. To serve SugarDaddie, one has to begin by registering and creating a profile. The process is already mentioned. After creating the profile, the person can choose a free or paid version. That’s it. The account is now ready for use. Here sugar babies and sugar daddies can meet and chat with each other.

Is SugarDaddie Free?

The default plan of SugarDaddie is free to use. One does not have to pay anything to register for the site. That means the site does have an open program for its users. However, the free version has a lot of features missing. Hence, if one wants to get all the features, it is better to choose a plaid plan.

Is SugarDaddie Really Works?

Yes. There is no doubt about the functionality of the site. SugarDaddie has been functioning for almost two decades now. It has more than 5 million active users. Hence there is no doubt that the site does function properly and can be trusted.

Is SugarDaddie Really Works?


SugarDaddie is a niche dating site. It has provided a perfect platform for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. This site has come as the desired solution for millions of people looking for such a thing. It is the reason that the site has been in existence for almost 20 years now and has more than 5 million active users and admirers from around the world. So go and hunt yourself a partner today using SugarDaddie.

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