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Single Muslim Review

Single Muslim Review
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Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Single Muslim website is a specific dating site run by the Muslims founded by a Muslim individual and caters to only the Single Muslim. It is said to secure number one ranked when it comes to dating among the Muslims. There has been up to 10,000 marriages among Muslims because of this platform, and it is always respectful towards the culture and religion of Islam. It is quite normal to have friends and family involved in the search for love, and therefore the members can also involve their friends and family. This is a platform that strongly believes in the concept of Halal love, and even the near and dear ones of the person can create a website for them and start finding the perfect match. It is excellent to know that this website gets an average of 40700 visitors every day and has gained up to 2.5 million members worldwide. There are many choices for finding the perfect person; therefore, one just has to be consistent enough to find their own soulmate.

Historical background Of Single Muslim Dating Platform

Adeem Younis is the managing director and founder of the website singlemuslim.com, and he had the idea when he was just a nineteen-year-old student. He used to study at the University of Leeds unfazed that there should be a specific date in dimension meant only for the Single Muslim. Therefore, he created a web page that was based not only in the United Kingdom but also in Pakistan, Australia, Canada, and the entire USA. Therefore, all the Single Muslims from every part of these countries will be able to gain access to this website’s services and features.

Gradual growth

By the end of the year 2002, there were about 10,000 registered users on the Single Muslim website. By the mid-portion of 2005, there were about 50,000 active members. This is a platform that has been seen gradual truth right from its launch to date. There are about 20 lakh members by 2017, and there are about four new marriages every day on an average. This itself is a portrayal of how successful the site has been able to become. Right now, there are 10% of United Kingdom members who are registered with Single Muslim, and the majority of them are British Muslims.

What is Single Muslim

What is Single Muslim

According to Single Muslim website reviews, it is a specific website that helps in bringing men and women together who believes in Islam. According to famous dating experts, it is one of the top-notch platforms for all the Muslim people looking for a relationship with commitment.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work

The working mechanism of the website is quite simple as it believes in halal love. There is complimentary membership for female members, and it is a good thing that the website gives quite fantastic security. This is a platform which is run by Muslims so that they can understand and tailor the process according to the preferences of the Muslim singles. There is not much activity that you can find for the free accounts, and the subscription is expensive, but most people say that it is worth the investment.



As mentioned in Single Muslim website reviews, unlike the other dating websites, this is not going to be a hassle-free process, and you have to be prepared for a tedious journey. The registration process can take as long as 10 minutes, and there will not be any Facebook registration option. Remember that the verification process is stringent, and there is an auto-generated password that you can use. Before display, the photos must undergo approval, and only after that, one can post pictures on their profile or gallery. If you have the patience to find your perfect soulmate, you should undergo this registration process no matter how tiresome it feels like. It is essential to put down all the personal information so that everything is correct and looks like a genuine profile. There is an option where you will have to put the Muslim Centric activities like religion sect Halal and Salaah lifestyle, Hijab preference, and many more. It would also ask you question whether you would like to marry and have children.

The questionnaire is designed and put forward so that it becomes easier for the website to find your potential match. After putting down the details, the website algorithm will help match you with another person with the same attributes. All the passwords are auto-generated, so the password will go to the specific email address only once the account is complete. Therefore it becomes difficult to create more and more profiles of the same individual. You can also change the password for your convenience but make sure that it is not very easy.

Design And Usability

Design And Usability

The design and usability segment is something quite artistic, as said in Single Muslim website reviews. The design is quite hip and happening, and the entire website is very organized. You will find that there is quite a lot of information for you together, and all the instructions are given so that you do not get stuck. If you are a first-time user, then the buttons will be arranged on the homepage so that you can navigate around without assistance. If you are comparing it with the other websites, this is the one with the most vital branding. There are quite a lot of vibrant colors, and the aesthetic sense of the developers is great. Once you enter the website, you will find it quite appealing and attractive.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

Now you can not only create a profile for your purposes but also for your friends and family. Each of the members will be able to upload around 12 pictures in their gallery, and you can also request to have access to the private photos. If you want, you can also swap access and check out all the other members’ photos, and vice versa. There is a reason given to the profiles between 0 and 5 Stars depending on the level of completion. All the profiles will be submitted to the admin panel for approval, which will take around 24 to 48 hours. According to Single Muslim website reviews, there is quite a lot of detail on the profiles, which will help you understand the other person’s intricate detail. You can change the profile information later on, but the profile picture will be visible for everyone, including the free members.

It is a very well-known Muslim culture that even friends and family can help in looking for your spouse, so they can also create profiles on your behalf. But you have to make sure that the other person knows a lot about you while making the profile. There will be multiple stars on each of the profiles, and it is a rating of how complete the profile is. For example, if you are putting less than 75 words in the About Me section, it will give you one star, and you can have even more if you put more information in your bio.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

The mobile application of the Single Muslim website is quite convenient, and it comes with a cool design. It is always easy to navigate whenever you are in the application, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This application does not take up much space in the mobile and, therefore, does not lag in the device. There is a quick Installation System, and you can search for your life partner in the portable mode. It is relatively easy to use, and the application comes with a stylish finish. If you are the person who is not with a computer or laptop all the time, this mobile application is going to be a significantly smarter option for you. No connecting with Muslim brothers and sisters is not going to be a problem anymore.

Safety & Security

There is a premium quality safety on this website because most developers running this platform are very serious about personal information. You can get all sorts of top-notch encryption for the entire platform, as well as the chats. According to the real-life review, there is a lot of information provided on this website, but it does not get transferred to any third party. This will be a life-changing opportunity for all the members who are registered Inc on this website to get their perfect partner.



The Single Muslim website will be a bit expensive, but after finding your soulmate, you will feel that it has been a good investment. For a total of 1 month of gold membership, you have to pay $49. For three months, the full payment will be $99, which comes down to 33 USD per month. If you want to go for gold membership for an entire year, the total payment will be $180, which will come down to 15USD. Now it is high time that you understood the difference between free services and the Fee-Based Services.

You cannot get in the free section, and you need to get a gold membership for the unrestricted access. You can go for free sign up option and also browse profiles for free.

Under the gold membership, you will be entitled to get the following services:

  • If you want to send read and reply to the messages and make the best use of the instant messaging feature, there can be nothing better than a Single Muslim.
  • You can check out who has viewed your profile and go for unlimited search based on the extensive member database. There are several search filters that you can use, and you can even get to have new email notification from the new members.
  • You can save your favorite search and go for priority Gold Member support. In the gold membership, you can check out who has read your messages after sending them.
  • In the most premium features, you will get an idea of who all have liked your profile, and then you can view the matches as well.

Help & Support

The customer support team is quite efficient, says Single Muslim website reviews, which is why you can get ultimate help and support. The customer care team is one of the best, and it will cater to all your problems with individual care. No matter when you need assistance, they will always be at your beck and call.

Question & Answers

Question & Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that all the Muslim singles are in a quandary about. All you have to do is to read the answers to find perfect satisfaction.

Is Single Muslim Safe?

Single Muslim is quite a safe platform as it does not cause any privacy leakage. With the highest encryption, there is no way your personal information would go off to somebody else.

Is Single Muslim A Real Dating Site?

This is an entirely real dating website, and it is relatively easy to find your perfect partner over here. You will have no complaints regarding this site, and it has been able to gain immense popularity and positive ratings.

How To Use Single Muslim?

You have to start using a Single Muslim with the help of the registration process and creating a profile. If you want you to upgrade to the gold membership, you can directly start accessing other profiles and contacting the members.

Is Single Muslim Free?

Single Muslim does have a free section, but there is not much that you can do in it. It is recommended that you go for the gold membership you can get unrestricted access.

Is Single Muslim Really Work?

Single Muslim have been working efficiently since the time of its launch, and it works wonders. To date, it has contributed to ten thousand marriages and a lot of success stories.



Single Muslim is a premium website that comes with a lot of complementary features. For example, there is a complementary female membership, and you can also get a free Umrah trip. In addition to that, the overall rating is 4.5, which makes it one of the most demanding sites. So if you are a believer in Islam and looking for your perfect partner, there can be nothing better than this one.

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