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FastFlirting Review

FastFlirting Review
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 136 780
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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FastFlirting is an online website that gives you the anonymity to find partners for hookups or one-night stands. It also represents the LGBTQ community and has a significant chunk using the site to find a match for them. This review will give you all the information you need before you become a member of the website.

How does it work?

What is FastFlirting?

FastFlirting is a new online dating website site. It provides complete anonymity in chats and even your profile. The platform was established in 2018. Due to how recent it is, there aren’t many demographics of users, ages on the site, number of males and females, or where it is located. You may find a few sources that suggest that FastFlirting has users mostly men above the age of 40, mostly from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

FastFlirting welcomes everyone from heterosexual people to also be representative of the queer LGBT community. While registering, you are required to select your gender and the sex of the people you wish to meet. It is a platform mostly used to find one-night stands and casual relationships. It also ensures the complete anonymity of the users. Though, you can find the occasional members looking for friendships or even romantic relationships.

What is FastFlirting?

How does it work?

Most, if not all, online chatting and dating platforms follow a matchmaking system. Surprisingly, that is not the case with this website. This system does not have an algorithm that compares other people’s personal information with others and thereby ends up choosing compatible candidates. The FastFlirting platform is divided into two: Flirt with Guys and Flirt with Girls sections. The algorithm will show you different profiles in both. Besides this feature, you can choose to add other filters like the country of origin, availability of photos, spoken language, etc.

FastFlirting allows users to send messages to the Inbox directly and even start a time-restricted ten-minute flirting conversation. Members of FastFlirting are allowed to browse other people’s pictures, even like them. They can also see many people who liked their profiles and then add them to their friend’s list.



Registering on the website is secure, effortless, and barely takes time. There are three main methods of creating an account; you can sign up with your Facebook account, Google account, or an email. If you choose to sign up with a Facebook account or Google, the website asks permission to use your personal information, like name and profile pictures. After the user confirms and gives consent, you can proceed.

For creating an account using your email address, you need to go to the register section in the left-hand menu. This whole process is done in two stages. You need to enter your personal email address and also create a password with 4-12 characters. The security check will prompt you to reenter your password in the third field to make sure that it is correct. After registering, you will be directed to fill in your nickname, age, sex, and the gender of the people you would like to meet. FastFlirting does not mandate the use of real names, but you have to use a nickname to adhere to the guidelines. This is just one way, albeit a strong way, of reassuring their users of their anonymity. After filling out the information, click the finish button that will complete the process.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

FastFlirting is an easy to use website with straight forward navigation, which is why users do not face any problems. The site is in blue color and other tones of blue. The background is a light grey and white, while the necessary buttons and sections are in blue.

On entering your account, towards the left, you can see the main features like home, flirt with guys, friends, Inbox, help, etc. The flirt with men section allows you to browse specific profiles of men who are online at that moment. The website is not designed to choose people according to specific criteria or filters. By clicking on someone else’s profile, you will be automatically sending them a flirt. They can then choose to either accept or reject it. After being accepted, you have 10 minutes left to chat. If during that time you get uncomfortable, both the people can choose to leave.

The main flirt feature is different from the messaging Inbox. This flirt conversation will disappear after 10 minutes. However, communication in the Inbox is permanent. At the bottom of the homepage, the website displays the profiles of people who are online at that time.

Profile Quality

Choosing to sign up and create an account by entering all the information yourself delays the process. You will have to add more information that is not included during registration; however, by joining with your Facebook or Google account. FastFlirting has immediate access to all information. It is just a difference of a few minutes.

It is essential to log into your accounts first to add additional personal information. You will notice a few tabs like Inbox, your friends, an option to edit your profile, and a logout option. On my profile page, you can fill out the fields that need to be filled. You can also choose to add your profile picture and choose to upload a photo from your desktop or Laptop. The image should not exceed 10 MB.

If you want to add other information or even change or remove certain things, then you can edit the profile link on the Profile page. You are allowed to change your name a maximum of one time for every sixty minutes. The motto field allows you to enter a short introductory message that you may want others to know about. You can mention your intention of being on the website and how you want to connect.

Other than the initial gender preference you get, you can always change it depending upon your sexual preferences. You can also choose the preferred language of communication in the selected language field through a drop-down menu. You can choose from English, German, French, and Russian. There is also the option to see people’s astrological signs.

The Mobile Application

FastFlirting, unfortunately, does not have an application for your mobiles. Not for Android or iOS devices. However, the website itself is very carefully optimized for mobiles. The website for mobiles is almost the same as the desktop website version. There is no compromise on the features available on the mobile website version. It also includes functions, sections, and other features. There are only differences in where they are arranged. However, they perform the same function. Due to the size of the mobile device, the features and functions seem compact and squeezed together. However, the mobile website is convenient to use and ensures easy access and mobility.


Safety & Security

FastFlirting knows exactly which security measures to take to help protect you and your data from being abused. FastFlirting also has a safety tips page with moderation, terms of usage, and privacy policy.

Some safety tips offered by FastFlirting advises people not to believe in everything people say to you, as they pretend to be someone they are not. It is easy to be unaware because you are not seeing the person, and you only have their word for it. Beware of not giving your phone number, email address, or where you stay. Keep it simple and general by only mentioning your country. Do not give out your real name.

The FastFlirting team keeps reviewing texts on the users’ profiles and photos to ensure that there is no inappropriate content. They also reject a few categories of images like photos of children and low-quality photos where people’s faces are not seen and sexually explicit and nude photos. If they find such photos or discover a profile that breaks these rules, they will handle it. You can also report it to their administration.

Other than photos, FastFlirting also checks the messages and nicknames. If they are offensive or mean to cause someone harm, then they will be removed.


FastFlirting is a completely free platform. You do not have to pay for any additional features or functions. So, after registering, most users have the same amount of features and functions accessible to them as any other user would have. All the profiles are given equal rights and opportunities.

The standard account comes with its benefits too, like:

  • Users can like other users’ pictures and also see who has liked their pictures as well.
  • Other users can send requests to be friends and even add the other users to their friend list.
  • Everyone can send each other flirt requests and also talk to people.
  • All accounts have search filters like age, country, languages, profiles with pictures or without, and even their online status. You can also search for users by their nicknames.
  • FastFlirting is allowed to block profiles that send threatening messages or are just uncomfortable.

Help & Support

The FastFlirting drop-down menu has the help option where you can contact customer service. This page has been divided into parts, such as tips on using the platform, other links redirecting to the Safety Tips, different Profiles, the Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy. If you want to connect and contact the FastFlirting customer service, go to the Send Feedback page. You can then choose the feedback type, report the bug, provide a suggestion, and address other issues. There is also a Message field, where you can enter your feedback or describe the issue you face and send it to the team. The team will investigate your concern and provide you with a solution or give you advice.

Since they cannot contact them by post or by phone, you are limited to using it. The customer reviews on FastFlirting suggest that the team’s response time is quick and responsive.


Here a few commonly asked questions from other users to help make your decision about using FastFlirting better.

Is FastFlirting safe?

Is FastFlirting Safe?

FastFlirting website is not entirely safe. While it can guarantee the safety of the data that is provided by the users, it does not guarantee personal security. Due to all the anonymous profiles, it is recommended that you have to take your personal security measures by reporting abuse and blocking threatening accounts or accounts that you feel threatened by. You can also choose to report these accounts.

Is FastFlirting a Real Dating Site?

Yes, the website is entirely legitimate, but it cannot be classified as a dating site.

How to Use FastFlirting?

The first step to using FastFlirting is by registering as other users cannot communicate with other users. Next, you can browse through and search for profiles that you think interest you or apply filters to make it easier. If you are interested in someone, you can easily flirt with them and even send them messages. 

Is FastFlirting Free?

The FastFlirting website is completely free.

Does FastFlirting Really Work?

FastFlirting works, depending on the users’ intention on the site. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for one-night stands or hookups, you will find people with similar mentalities.



FastFlirting is an online chat and dating platform that has an attractive design with simple navigation. This platform is unique as it does not charge any money for additional features or any upgrade. The added benefits of users getting to preserve their anonymity is a huge plus on this forum, but it should also ring a warning bell.

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