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Cupid Dating Site Review

Cupid Dating Site Review
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Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 756 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Cupid is a general dating site for different types of individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Over the years, dating sites have surged in popularity after the period of constant disapproval by the majority. A recent study by the Pew Research Centre showed that 30% of adults in America had dated online, with an overwhelming majority testifying that it was a positive experience. People have grown more trusting of online dating because of its evident and statistically proven efficacy.

How beautiful is it that you can meet a total stranger online, get to know them, and set up something which could be long-lasting romance or casual sex. There is no denying that dating sites have bridged gaps and filled certain holes regarding the complicated world of dating and relationships.

Gone are the days when people’s excuses for their lack of romantic encounters are bordered on shyness and timidity. With dating sites, you can be yourself, trust that someone will come along, and that could be the start of a stable, meaningful relationship. Cupid is exactly that kind of a dating site, and we will be finding out much more about it later in the article.

What is Cupid?

What is Cupid?

A straight answer to that would be, “Cupid is an online dating site.” We bet someone’s response was, “Yeah, obviously.” You could call the site a “virtual matchmaker,” and it was founded in 2002 by NSI holdings. The site seeks to help singles out there find love and take it by the scruff of the neck instead of pathetically waiting for love to come to them.

Whether it is casual sex or you are looking for something serious, with over 10 million users, you can be sure that there is someone for you. The website makes all this happen through its amazing features such as chat rooms and instant messaging options amidst other exquisite features that will be further discussed.

How does Cupid work?

How does Cupid work?

Cupid is one of the most prestigious dating sites right now, and it has rightfully earned its place at the top of the list through consistent delivery of splendid services and constant upgrades to make the website even better. All you need to do is visit the site, register, and enjoy an online dating cruise that is perfect for you. We will be taking you through all of that as we go on, one step at a time.



If you check through random reviews of internet sites, you will find a lot of people complaining about cumbersome registration processes. Complicated registration is a problem people have to put up with every day, and they end up losing their initial enthusiasm. This is usually the case for boomers and people who are not tech-savvy.

As you know, Cupid is a dating site for all, which is why its goal revolves around the satisfaction of its diverse users. To that end, they have a straightforward registration process without undue complexities and complications. The only requirement for this is a computer or a smartphone with which you can download the mobile app, and you are good to go. There is an option of linking your account to the Facebook site, after which you’ll be required to fill in simple details such as Email, age, gender, etc., and what exactly you are looking for.

After this, you will have to click on the “join” icon, and then you will be asked if you’d like to put up a profile picture. It is advisable to do this because putting up a cute profile picture can amp up your chances by a mile. No one wants to date a faceless weirdo on a dating platform, right? Right after getting that out of the way, you’ll be logged in, and your sojourn in the best virtual dating world then begins in a promising fashion.

Design And Usability

Design And Usability

A website’s interface can make or mar the image of a site in its users’ minds. If a site churns out excellent content but has a rather drab interface, there is just a way it becomes less attractive. Even more so if it is a dating site. Cupid recognizes how that can be a problem, which is why the web site’s design is elegant and colorful. The icons are masterfully placed on the interface with recognizable symbols making them easy to find and use.

Two of the most popular features are the search and the advanced search option. The search option allows you to look for people based on specifications such as gender, city, distance in kilometers, and age range. The advanced search helps you go even further with additional specifications like sexual preferences, and you could also use the postal code search.

The exciting part is you do not have to be a tech guru to set all of this up. They are pretty straightforward, and all you need is a basic understanding of your preferred language.

Profile quality

Profile quality

Adding to your profile is more like a follow up of the information you supplied while registering. Setting up a dope profile is very important in the online dating process. Think of your profile as a billboard on your physical head that describes you to people. Now, imagine you have something like “I am a crazy person” in the advertisement. People would not want to talk to you, right? Well, some people would want to speak, but that’s not the point. The point is that whatever you put on your Cupid profile determines the kind of people that would hit you up. Do put that in mind when setting up your profile.

You can fill in details such as city, phone number, political and religious inclinations, race or ethnicity, profession, etc. You can also add a description, more like a short essay about who you are and what you are like. There is also an appearance icon where you fill in details of your appearance, such as height, weight, etc.

We will not tell you what you should fill in or write about yourself; we’d instead advise that you write something that you’d consider attractive if you were in the other person’s shoes. This is not us asking you to falsify any detail, just write from the heart and write gracefully.

The Cupid Mobile App

Mobile apps come in handy for everybody, especially people who have smartphones as their predominant browsing device. The Cupid app is available on IOS, and it has all of the features on the site, an elegant interface, and it is very user friendly.

Using a mobile app saves you the stress and time of opening your browser and filling in your login details over again. With a mobile app, you just begin and get right to business wherever and whenever. Another added advantage is that the app makes use of your phone’s GPS to suggest matches that are close to you or within that area.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Users and potential users are well within their rights to find out how safe a site is before hopping on it. Cupid is a site passionate about the safety of its members, which is why the site has a feature called “Safe mode.” The safe mode is classified into Basic safe mode and full safe mode. The basic safe mode allows you to be contacted by everyone the site has marked as safe and unsuspicious. The complete safe mode, on the other hand, only gives verified users access.

If you happen to notice any suspicious activity or maybe, a troll hurling unsavory words at you, you can block and report the account. You can also choose to delete your account and be rest assured that your data will be wiped in the process. Ultimately, you need to be safety conscious and always trust your instincts.



Registration on Cupid is free as well as other features, including Setting up profiles, chatrooms, quiz matching, and the random member search. However, payment is a requirement for full enjoyment of premium features such as viewing photos, full safe mode, and direct messaging.

You can choose to pay monthly, and that costs $23.99. You can also pay for three months of premium usage, and that costs $62.37. The other option is to pay $95.94 and enjoy a premium membership for six months.



There is an admin on the site that you can contact anytime you need to report something or make a complaint. The response is better and faster than you could ever imagine, which evidences their top-notch user support. You can also contact their customer service through their Email at support@nsiholdingsltd.com.


We’ll provide some very concise answers to some common questions below. Some of the answers will be short emphases and a reminder of answers that have been given earlier in the article.

Is Cupid Safe?

Like we mentioned earlier, Cupid places a premium on the safety and comfort of its users. That explains why it has safe options, which allow you to choose who can view your profile or contact you. And there is the block/report option that helps to keep trolls away. Just don’t make your details public if you are not comfortable with it or think it’s not safe. Stay vigilant and contact customer service if you need help.

Is Cupid A Real Dating Site?

Cupid is a real online dating site with millions of users, and it has been serving excellent content to users for more than a decade. Lots of successful relationships have emerged from the site, and it will become that real to you once you sign up.

How To Use Cupid?

One of the perks of signing up on the Cupid site is the ease of use. Once you are done with the registration, which typically takes 5 minutes or less, you can go ahead to put a profile picture and set up a mouthwatering profile. The search option also allows you to search based on specific attributes and find matches.

Is Cupid Free?

As was explained earlier, Cupid is a platform that allows you to register for free, and you also get to enjoy certain features. Some other features are limited to premium users who pay monthly, quarterly, and biannually.

Does Cupid Really Work?

The answer is yes; Cupid does work. And that’s precisely why this review was put together so that you can have a smooth experience on the platform. To make Cupid work for you, all you need to do is register, upload your best picture and create an honest yet catchy profile.



Without a doubt, Cupid is one of the best dating sites anyone could ask for. It is free to use and offers premium content at an average fee compared to others. It has brought continuously meaningful innovations to the online dating world. It has also kept its users entertained with exciting features such as Wingman Barney, chatroom, etc. If you are a single looking to mingle, Cupid will most definitely be worth your while and money.

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